How to get NSFAS at Unisa

Nsfas Unisa advances and bursaries

Nsfas NUnisa : National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a statutory body, subsidized principally by the South African National Department of Education and Training, which gives consider advances to scholastically capable yet monetarily poor understudies who wish to learn at one of South Africa’s open organizations of advanced education.

NSFAS advances (incl. Noteworthy obligation advance and Post-graduate advance )


Apply online at or

finish the application frame and submit to


Understudies who were unsuccessful with their NSFAS applications may offer the dismissal of their application by finishing the interests shape and submitting it to

Requests frame

The end date for applications is June .

What is a NSFAS credit?

A NSFAS advance is a honor that an understudy can get from NSFAS after applying and fitting the bill for such credit. This advance must be reimbursed with intrigue (enthusiasm of every year is connected to the national swelling rate). A most extreme honor measure is resolved for every year by NSFAS. A segment of this honor can be changed over into a bursary in view of scholastic execution. The span of this bursary is controlled by the quantity of courses which the understudy has passed. A 100% pass rate will bring about a 40% bursary refund on this NSFAS advance.

NSFAS Loan Criteria:

Just South African understudies learning at open South African Higher Education Institutions;

Undergrad understudy examining towards a first advanced education capability;

Concentrate for a postgraduate course which is a prerequisite to rehearse his/her picked calling (e.g. Post-graduate Certificate in Education);

Any postgraduate degree with the exception of, MBA, MBL, DBA or DBL;

Understudy must have the capacity to exhibit potential for scholarly achievement and that he/she is monetarily poor;

Application shape must be completely and effectively finished;

All required documentation should be submitted upon application;

Must apply before the end date as distributed on the NSFAS page

What is a NSFAS bursary?

An assortment of NSFAS bursaries exist, each with its own particular criteria. A NSFAS bursary is a honor that an understudy gets upon application for such financing. This bursary grant does not need to be reimbursed, if the understudy however does not wish to hold fast to the bursary conditions such bursary is returned to a credit. This credit should be reimbursed with intrigue. It would be ideal if you visit the undergrad bursary page for singular bursary criteria.

NSFAS Post-graduate Loan

This advance has been influenced accessible to understudies to concentrate towards a post-graduate capability. Understudies who are monetarily destitute and who are advancing scholastically can apply for this subsidizing. Shutting date for applications: End of September consistently.

If it’s not too much trouble visit for application.

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