The Funza Lushaka Bursary Program

The Funza Lushaka Bursary Program is a multi – year program that advances educating in state funded schools. Full cost bursaries are accessible to empower qualified understudies to finish a full showing capability in a zone of national need. Beneficiaries of these bursaries will be required to instruct at a government funded school for a similar number of years that they get the bursary.

Qualified beneficiaries of the bursary must demand position in an area of their decision. The common training office (PED) concerned will decide whether there is an appropriate post accessible. On the off chance that there isn’t, the candidate might be set in a PED that does not have reasonable opening.

Choice criteria incorporate the accompanying:

The candidate’s scholastic capacity;

Qualification for an affirmed degree or PGCE in two of the need zones;

Sense of duty regarding a showing vocation, which incorporates: enthusiasm for working with youngsters; eagerness for an expert profession in instructing; preparation to confront and surmount troublesome difficulties; and individual honesty;

Responsibility regarding instruct in any school to which an understudy might be named by a PED.

Everything else being equivalent, determination should support applicants from provincial regions, hopefuls who wish to instruct in rustic zones and competitors whose money related position would somehow reject them from enrolment for an educating capability.

The Priority Areas Are:

Establishment stage (i.e. Evaluations R-3):

Establishment stage specialization in an Indigenous African Language.

Halfway and Senior Phase (i.e. Evaluations 4-9):

A showing major in two of the accompanying: Mathematics; Natural Science; Technology.

FET stage (i.e. Evaluations 10-12):

A showing major in two of the accompanying: Accounting; Agricultural Sciences; Agricultural Technology; Civil Technology; Computer Applications Technology; Economics; Electrical Technology; Engineering Graphics and Design; Geography; Information Technology; Life Sciences; Mathematics; Mechanical Technology; Physical Sciences.

What the bursary covers

Funza Lushaka bursaries cover all the beneficiary’s basic costs. Costs secured incorporate educational cost, full settlement including dinners, books and learning materials, and a little remittance for month to month everyday costs. The designation to any individual understudy is topped at a particular esteem. Where the HEI charges more than the topped esteem the treasurers should top up from claim stores. Colleges have distinctive cost structures, so the aggregate estimation of a bursary varies from foundation to organization.

Conditions For Repeating A Year

The bursary time frame might be reached out to cover one extra year in a degree program, or the time required for fruition of one extra course in the PGCE program. Just a single such augmentation will be allowed. Financing for an extra year of study (i.e. fifth year) isn’t programmed and will be considered on a case by case premise. In situations where bolster is accommodated an extra year, the administration commitment for the understudy is reached out by a year. Any extra time required will be at the beneficiary’s own particular cost. The bursary is inexhaustible for one scholastic year on end. On verification of scholarly achievement the bursary might be reestablished every year until the point when the beneficiary of the bursary has qualified as an instructor.

Conditions For Repayment Of The Bursary

The bursary must be reimbursed just if the beneficiary neglects to qualify, neglects to apply for a showing post with a PED at a government funded school, neglects to take up a showing post with a PED at a state funded school, leaves a showing post with a PED before the finish of the contracted administration time frame, or generally neglects to meet a necessity of the bursary understanding.

The most effective method to Apply

You have to apply for admission to a showing capability (B Ed or PGCE) or a Bachelors degree (e.g. BSc, B Tech, BA) with no less than one noteworthy course in a need region at a college of your decision. When you have picked up confirmation at a college, you are required to apply for the bursary through this Internet site:

First-time Applications: Apply for the Funza Lushaka: Teaching Bursary Program

Re-Applications: Apply for the Funza Lushaka: Teaching Bursary Program

The bursary is granted for one scholastic year on end and, on confirmation of scholarly achievement, the bursary might be recharged every year until the point that the beneficiary of the bursary has qualified as an instructor. The bursary holder will be required to re-apply before the finish of October for the next year. Beneficiaries of bursaries will be required to show one year for consistently for which they get a bursary.

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