Customer Service – Mr D at

Job title : Customer Service Manager – Mr D at

Your responsibilities will include:

Order Success Management: To ensure that the order success function is executed to proactively reduce downstream pressure on the customer services function and to provide support to the Takealot Delivery Team’s branch network
Customer Service Management: To ensure that the operational support functions – restaurant support and order success – are efficiently integrated into the overall customer services processes to best support a great customer experience.
Call Centre Leadership & Performance Management: To ensure that the Operational Support environment is led from the front, that team leaders and agents feel supported, motivated and that a high performance culture is developed by ensuring both that positive performance is appropriately recognised and that under-performance is not tolerated and managed.
Communication and Business Alignment: To ensure that the Operational Support team is aligned with business goals and that the team is fully aware of their performance and updated on all relevant changes and initiatives. Additionally the Operational Support team needs to ensure comprehensive incidence reporting to Mr D Food’s relevant operational stakeholders.
Operational Hygiene: To ensure that good operational hygiene is undertaken and that all admin is updated.
Analysis & Reporting: To make best used of available data and reporting to manage the team based on facts and evidence and to interpret reports to make sound decisions; to identify gaps in data and to proactively work towards removing such gaps.
Regular Reporting: On agent Productivity, aggregate Department, your CS Team Leaders Balanced scorecards and Inter-department Performance.
HR & Recruitment: To recruit appropriately skilled and mature staff and ensure compliance with regulation and best practice in respect of IR/HR issues and admin.
Customer Services Representation: To act as the senior manager on duty within the customer services environment in the absence of the customer services CSM.

Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree
Minimum 4 years’ experience as a manager in a customer service environment
Experience in the redesign and implementation of new processes and best practices to improve customer satisfaction metrics.
Experience in working in an e-commerce or technology company is a plus

Please apply for the Job online using the following link :

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