Apply to be a driver at the department of Health.

Directorate: Health

JOB REQUIREMENTS : A certificate from Grade 12/Senior. A minimum of 1-3 years of driving experience is required.
A valid driver’s license with PDP is required. Knowledge of the methods for operating a motor vehicle and the prescriptions for the use of the vehicle. Knowledge of vehicle maintenance techniques as well as geographic location. Basic computing abilities are required. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to drive. Organizational, numerical, and communication abilities are all important.
Ability to operate under duress and in terms of deadlines The ability to pay close attention to small details.
DUTIES INCLUDE: The job holder will deliver and collect documents on a daily basis, as well as provide driving services and manage logbook record keeping for monitoring and compliance.
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SALARY : R122 595 per annum
Location : Jubilee District Hospital
For questions : Mr V.Sebapu Tel No: (012) 717 9310

Submit APPLICATIONS : Applications must be submitted to Jubilee District Hospital Human Resource
Department Private Bag x449.Hammanskraal 0400 or hand delivered to Stand
No.92 Jubilee Road, Jubilee District Hospital.

CLOSING DATE : 15 October 2021 at: 16H00

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