Woolworths Foods Department is hiring.

Job description :

The role is to expand and increase our customer base, turnover, and profitability by attracting and growing our customer base
through a customer facing or supportive position. To deliver great customer service by ensuring
customer care, a world class shopping experience for our customers, and to help your store reduce risk and increase profits.

Provide outstanding customer service to both internal and external clients.
To satisfy competency requirements, recruit, select, manage, and develop individuals.
Assist in the fulfillment of department and store goals by working as part of a team.
To meet project objectives, manage the execution and integration of new initiatives.
Participate in routine retail operations.
Ensure that employees are competent by supervising and coaching them.
Responsibilities relevant to the job as outlined in the job description (dependant on position).

Minimum requirements :

  • Grade 11 or NQF3
  • Basic Reading and writing
  • Proof of highest academic qualification to accompany your application
  • Should not be on an active NQF learnership.
  • Must be ready to take ownership and leadership.

How to apply for the Job :
Fax your Internal WW Application Form with attention to the HRBP and Regional Manager to: Recruitment4projects@woolworths.co.za

Closing date : 2 November 2021

Location : Cape Town

For more info : https://bit.ly/3aDWGFn

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