APPLICATIONS : Head Office: Department of Correctional Services, Post Advertisement
Section, Private Bag X136, Pretoria, 0001 OR hand deliver at: 124 WF Nkomo
Street, Poyntons Building, Cnr WF Nkomo and Sophie De Bruyn Street,
Pretoria, 0001 (Previous: Cnr Church and Schubart Street). Contact persons:
Mr TN Mokotjo 012 3072173/Mr Y Naidoo 012 307 2079/ Ms TP Baloyi/Ms NS
Khumalo 012 305 8589.
NOTE : Before you apply: All costs associated with an application will be borne by the
applicant. In support of this strategy, applicants need to indicate race, gender
and disability status on the application form/CV. Applicants who have retired
from the Public Service with a specific determination that they cannot be reappointed or have been declared medically unfit will not be considered. The
Department of Please take note that correspondence will only be conducted
with the shortlisted candidates. If you have not been contacted within three (3)
months of the closing date of the advertisement, please accept that your
application is unsuccessful. Please do not call the department to enquire about
the progress of your application. Applicants must note that further checks will
be conducted once they are shortlisted and that their appointment is subject to
positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, security
vetting, qualification verification, and criminal records verification. Appointment
to some of these posts will be provisional, pending the issue of a security
clearance. If you cannot get a security clearance, your appointment will be reconsidered/possibly terminated. Finger prints may be taken on the day of
interview. The Department of Correctional Services reserves the right not to fill
any of these advertised posts. Applications: Applications must be submitted on
form Z83 (Public Service Application form), obtainable from any Public Service
Department, and must be completed in full. Applicants must submit copies of
qualifications, identity document and driver’s licence (where appropriate) and
any other relevant documents. (Only shortlisted candidates will be required to
submit certified documents on or before the day of the interviews). Please send
a separate and complete application for each post you apply for, stating the
correct reference for each position you are interested in. Faxed and e-mailed
applications will not be accepted. Candidates must comply with the minimum
appointment requirements. CV’s should be aligned to reflect one’s degree of
compliance with the advert requirements and responsibilities. It is the sole
r. Indicate the reference number and
position you are applying for on your application form (Z83) and post your
complete application to:
SALARY : R383 226 per annum
CENTRE : Kroonstad Training College Ref No: HO 2021/10/02
Zonderwater Training College Ref No: HO 2021/10/03
REQUIREMENTS : Diploma/degree in Nursing or equivalent qualification. A minimum of 4 years
relevant work experience after registration as a professional Nurse with the
South African Nursing Council. Post basic qualification with a duration of at
least 1 year in curative skills in Primary Health Care accredited with the South
African Nursing Council. Current registration with the South African Nursing
Council as a Professional Nurse. Computer literacy. Valid driver’s license.
Competencies and Attributes: Programme management. Monitoring and
evaluation. National standard setting. Resource management. Knowledge of
nursing statutes and other relevant legal frameworks. Communication skills.
Service delivery innovation. Problem solving. Planning and organizing. Liaison
and networking. Coordination. Facilitation skills. Confidentiality. Interpersonal
skills. Understanding of the PFMA, DCS legislative and policy frameworks.
Policy and procedure design and development.
DUTIES : Responsibilities: Provide direction and supervision in the implementation of the
nursing plan. Implement standards, practices, criteria and indicators for quality
nursing. Practice nursing and healthcare in accordance with relevant laws and
regulations. Utilize human, material and physical resources efficiently and
effectively. Display a concern for patients, promoting and advocating proper
treatment and care, including an awareness to respond to patients’ needs,
requirements and expectations. Maintain a constructive working relationship
with nursing and other stakeholders. Management of human resources,
finance and assets.
ENQUIRIES : Head Office: Mr TN Mokotjo Tel No: 012 3072173/Mr Y Naidoo 012 307 2079/
Ms TP Baloyi/Ms NS Khumalo Tel No: 012 305 8589.
NOTE : Appointment under the Public Service Act.
(12 Months Contract)
SALARY : R148 215 per annum, (plus 37% in lieu of benefits)
CENTRE : National Head Office: Office of the CDC: Community Corrections (Ref: HO
REQUIREMENTS : Registration with the SA Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) as
a Social Auxiliary Worker. Computer literacy. Competencies and Attributes:
Report writing, problem solving, interpersonal relations, conflict resolution and
communication skills. Integrity and honesty. Friendly and adaptable. Selfdiscipline. Ability to work under pressure. Punctuality. Ability to network and
willingness to travel.
DUTIES : Responsibilities: Keep updated on the Victim Offender Dialogue Programme
and the objectives and targets as set out in the Strategic Plan and Operational
Plan. Locate victims. Keep records on all attempts to locate victims. Orientation
of victims with regard to the aims and benefits of the Victim Offender Dialogue
programme. Facilitate contact between offender and victim. Assessment of
potential areas of conflict. Referral of identified areas of conflict to the
Departmental social workers for further intervention. Provision of particulars of
victims to Case Management Committee and Parole Boards. Establish
database of available support structures in the community (NGO’s, religious
care organizations, etc). Orientation of NGO’s community leaders and other
stakeholders with regard to the aims and benefits of the Victim Offender
Dialogue Programme. Orientate NGO’s, community leaders and families of
both the offender as well as the victim (s) regarding the benefits of the
acceptance and reintegration of offenders into the communities. Handling
monthly returns to Head Office with regard to performance on targets as
contained in the Strategic Plan. Provision of needs to Head Community
Corrections with regard to communication and travel.
ENQUIRIES : Head Office: Mr TN Mokotjo Tel No: 012 3072173/Mr Y NaidooTel No: 012 307
2079/ Ms TP Baloyi/Ms NS Khumalo Tel No: 012 305 8589.
NOTE : Appointment under the Public Service Act.

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