CLOSING DATE : 17 January 2022 at 12:00 pm.
APPLICATIONS : The National Treasury effective from 7 April 2021 now utilises an eRecruitment system which means all applicants must login/register to apply for
positions, we no longer accept applications via email or hand delivered/post.
Certain documentations will still be required to be uploaded on the system such
copies need not be certified at point of application (ID, Qualification etc.)
however will be required prior to attending interviews. Please note: All
shortlisted candidates for SMS posts will be subjected to a technical exercise
that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job, the logistics of which
will be communicated by the Department. Successful completion of the
Nyukela Public Service Senior Management Leadership Programme as
endorsed by the National School of Government available as an online course
prior to finalisation of appointment. All Qualifications and SA citizenship checks
will be conducted on all short-listed candidates and, where applicable,
additional checks will be conducted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have
foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority
(SAQA), not negotiable. The status of your application will be visible on the
system. However, if you have not received feedback from the National
Treasury within 3 months of the closing date, please regard your application as
unsuccessful. Note: The National Treasury reserves the right not fill the belowmentioned post/ to put on hold a position and/or to re-advertise a post. The
National Treasury is compliant to the requirements of POPIA.
Division: Tax and Financial Sector Policy (TFSP)
Purpose: To design and implement policy and the regulatory and legal
framework pertaining to treating customers of the financial sector more fairly
and to protect them better, deepening financial inclusion and access and
transformation of the sector, as part of the twin peaks regulatory reform of the
financial sector. Furthermore the role cuts across areas of Fintech, payments,
and all sectors in the financial services industry including the Ombuds
SALARY : R1 251 183. per annum (all-inclusive remuneration package)
CENTRE : Pretoria
REQUIREMENTS : A minimum B Degree at NQF7 in Law/ Commerce/ Finance/ Economics/
Development. A higher NQF Level will be an added advantage, A minimum 5
years’ experience at a senior managerial level (Director) obtained in the
financial sector environment, Knowledge and experience in project and
stakeholder management, Knowledge and experience in the analysis and
dissemination of information, Successful completion of the Nyukela Public
Service Senior Management Leadership Programme as endorsed by the
National School of Government available as an online course on, prior to
finalisation of an appointment.
DUTIES : Some key Outputs include: Design Regulatory Framework (Twin Peak): Initiate
research and policy proposals on the market conduct and ombuds system for
the development of the twin peaks regulatory system in the financial sector,
and to provide advice to the Minister on such policy. Initiate the enactment of
law/s through parliament and give effect to recommended regulatory
framework, Support the development of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority
and the ombuds system for the financial sector, Develop annual measures of
accountability for the market conduct and ombuds bodies in line with PFMA
requirements and monitor and advise the Minister on these issues, Regulatory
Conduct: Develop and publish policy informing the legal framework for the fair
treatment of financial customers and the conduct of financial institutions in
general, Initiate drafting of conduct law/s for stakeholder consultation and
tabling to Parliament, and produce the supporting policy documentation.
Facilitate the enactment of necessary law/s through parliament, Monitor the
implementation of enacted laws by the Conduct Regulator, Review and
improve the legislation governing conduct of the financial sector. Industryspecific policy interventions, and over-indebtedness: Identify and monitor poor
industry practices that compromise customer outcomes, Implement remedial
steps in response to improve consumer protection and promote sustainable
market development, Develop and publish industry strategies and work plans
in support of each roadmap, to support industry commitment and
accountability, Monitor in conjunction with the DTI and other stakeholders to
respond to South Africa’s over indebtedness crisis. Financial Inclusion and
Transformation: Monitor the assessment of the state of financial inclusion
across relevant market segments, including for small enterprises, Monitor the
development, publishing and implementation of financial inclusion and work
closely with the Financial Sector Transformation Council on the monitoring of
transformation targets as stipulated in the code, Monitor the establishment and
formulation in conjunction with the regulator, a national financial inclusion
consultation forum. Financial Education: Develop, publish and implement
financial education policy, to include consumers and SMEs, Drive and
coordinate (with support of the regulator) a national consumer financial
education committee.
ENQUIRIES : ONLY (No applications):
APPLICATION : To apply visit:
CLOSING DATE : 17 January 2022 at 12:00 pm.
Division: Asset and Liability Management (ALM)
Purpose: To finance the government’s borrowing requirements through the
issuance of RSA Retail Savings Bonds and manage the government’s existing
stock of retail debt in broadening the total investor base.
SALARY : R1 057 326. per annum (all-inclusive remuneration package)
CENTRE : Pretoria
REQUIREMENTS : A minimum Degree in Business Management/Economics/Financial
Management/ Accounting/ Financial Economics/ Investment Management. A
minimum 5 years’ experience at a middle management level (Deputy Director)
obtained in money and capital markets and the financial markets operations;
Knowledge and experience of capital markets research methodologies;
Knowledge and experience of market analyses and information for utilisation
and improvement of bonds in the broader business, Successful completion of
the Nyukela Public Service Senior Management Leadership Programme as
endorsed by the National School of Government available as an online course
prior to finalisation of an appointment.
DUTIES : Some key Outputs include: Define borrowing requirements in Domestic Retail
Market: Develop and implement a domestic RSA Retail Savings bond
borrowing strategy for the National Treasury, Initiate the issuing of government
securities in the domestic retail capital markets, Develop savings instruments
in the domestic retail capital markets, Determine the finance measures of
government’s borrowing requirements in the domestic retail markets.
Stakeholder Engagement: Develop and implement tools that will improve the
investor base, Develop and implement an investor website for improved
engagement with stakeholders, Engage with retail investors through road
shows, the media and other mediums, Develop relationship with stakeholders
like Marketing agencies, Post Office, Pick and Pay and SASI for improved
market exposure. Domestic RSA Savings Debt: Coordinate the debt portfolio
to reduce the re-financing risk and cost, Initiate frequent market and portfolio
analysis of qualitative, Monitor domestic and international economic events
and their impact on the South African economy and the debt portfolio, Analyse
and advise on prudent debt management policies and recommend corrective
debt strategies for implementation. Research Market volatility: Initiate research
on capital markets pertaining to market volatility in the prudent management of
debt, Perform research on local and international market

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