The University of the Free State now offers Advanced Certificates in Teaching (ACT) 100% on the web. These projects empower experienced instructors to gain their National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 6 capability helpfully on their PCs – no movement is required. Occupied South African instructors would now be able toContinue Reading

Shaw Academy courses are currently formally licensed and universally perceived to the most astounding instructive norms. Starting at July 2017, all Shaw Academy Professional Higher Diploma programs are credit evaluated to EQF Level 5 by Edinburgh Napier college. The Shaw Academy Professional Higher Diploma – EQF Level 5 – willContinue Reading

Welcome to the Adobe Photoshop course! This course aims to equip you with the digital skills to successfully use the fundamental components of Adobe Photoshop. This course is ideal for those whose current Photoshop knowledge may be outdated and are wanting to get with the progam! This course is alsoContinue Reading

Preparing College (BMT College), a lofty separation training school, spend significant time in business and HR administration related investigations. We prepare individuals to be effective in their professions. Achievement begins with want and a decision. Napoleon Hill said that the beginning stage of all accomplishment is want. You can likewiseContinue Reading